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Welcome to my site. My name is Greg Muselli and I am a buyer of both old and new paper money.

If you are looking for an appraisal or offer for something you have, you've come to the right place. My goal is to provide a fair offer for your items, and if I cannot utilize them I will try my best to offer solutions for you to sell them.

What types of items do I buy?

People find all kinds of paper money items in a variety of ways including inheritance, in pocket change, from the ATM, in "grandma's bible", flea markets, etc.

These can be both Large and small Size bills (pictured below) from all years ranging from the 1800's to now.

Sometimes these notes have value on their own (as they may be rare or hard to find, ie the aforementioned Large size notes), and sometimes because of their serial number, such as radar notes that read front to back such as 5411 1145 (or a 'very fancy' looking one such as 55000055), birthday/anniversary notes such as 05061977 ("May 6 1977"), repeater notes such as 7411 7411, low serial numbers such as 00000056, and zero ending notes such as 78000000 and 90000000.

Sometimes the note may have a star at the end, and that's where there can be real value. In some cases, 6.4 million star notes were printed for a particular note, and in other cases only 64,000. In other cases millions were printed but not many were released. These factors affect the value.


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